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Your quality choice for motorcycle parts and accessories.

Established in Ningbo,China,ZheJiang HongYun Industry Co,.Ltd.(herein after called HYP) is specializing in spare parts designing,manufacturing and exporting for China made motorcycles,scooters and ATVs.

HYP was found by a team of motorcycle lovers who are willing to dedicate their careers in motorcycle parts industry and strive to give partners good quality parts with time-efficient and cost saving solutions. 

HYP know Chinese motorcycle,scooter and ATV industry,have good relationship with big makers in China,such as Qianjiang,Keeway,Benelli,Generic,Lifan,Bera,Loncin,Jialing,Jianshe,Qingqi... etc ,have experienced and well trained people working in Guangzhou,Taizhou and Chongqing which are the essential areas where Chinese motorcycle factories concentrated, in order to get the fast response to our customers' requirements,also to push the production to short...[more]

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Engine parts
Engine parts:
Cylinders, valves, seals, crankshafts, pistons, rings, carburetors,mufflers, filters, oil pumps, fuel tanks, cooling fans are engine related parts als...
Electrical parts and meters
Electrical parts and meters:
Lights, bulbs, speedometers, sparks, CDI units, regulators, ignition coils, horns, relays, switches, stators, starters, and more......
Operation and Control
Operation and Control:
Steering handle bars, levers, grips, cables, brake discs, brake shoes, brake pads, steering stems, and more......
Transmission and Drivetrain
Transmission and Drivetrain:
Clutch, clutch discs, v belt, chains, sprockets, kick starter shafts, kick starter pedals, gear change pedals, gearshift drums, and more......
Suspension and wheels
Suspension and wheels:
Shock absorber, wheels, rims, spokes, hubs, tyres, tubes, stands, steps, and more......
Exterior parts
Exterior parts:
Mirrors, seats, exterior plastic parts, side covers, fenders, decorate covers, reflectors, and more......
Standard parts
Standard parts:
Gaskets, springs, bearings, oil hoses, bolts, lubricant, seals, and more......
Accessories and others
Accessories and others:
Helmets, luggage boxes, luggage bags, sirens, alarms, glasses, gloves, raincoats, driver clothes, and more......
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